Dictators always fall


Hindi Dahil Babae – a response to Rebecca T. Añonuevo’s post on Facebook regarding Duterte as dictator

Hindi Dahil Babae

“If this man is a dictator, he is one dictator who upholds the rule of law.”
– Rebecca T. Añonuevo

Itong si Ate B, dalawang taon nang
hindi naghihilamos sa umaga.
Ayaw niyang magwakas ang mga panaginip
na ipinangako mula sa bituka ng magdamag.

Kaya hamog ng muta ang kanyang mga mata
kahit tanghaling tapat na. At kung magbuka
ng bibig, tila binabangungot. Buo man
ang mga pangungusap na ipinupukol,

lasag-lasag naman ang kahulugan.
Lantad-litid sa panginginig,
kay hirap nang maaninag
ang dating makata.


My apologies for not having a translation of this. One day, perhaps.

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Not a comedy but you’re allowed to laugh

Botsotso 18 launches on the 19th

I finally got a foot in the door, so to speak, of Botsotso, one of the longest running literary journals in South Africa! Three poems have been included in Botsotso 18 which will be launched on 19 July 2018 at the Book Lounge in Cape Town.

If you’re in the area, please do join us!

botsotso 18

The Book Lounge Invite to Launch – 19 July 2018

Welcome to SA, Obama

Thanks for telling us how to spread peace. Can we remind you what you did with armed drones?

Fire Station Torched

In my country of birth I read a news article about a factory that made fire extinguishers had been gutted. Here in Cape Town today I heard a radio news report of how firemen/women had to flee the Gugulethu fire station as it was torched by protesters.

The irony is not bitter but tragic-comic.

Not unlike being stranded in the middle of the ocean.

Check out @ewnupdates’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/ewnupdates/status/1017273360961564672?s=09