Daily Archives: 09/02/2009

Full Moon Silliness

There is a full moon tonight. I was outside dealing with a disgusting cat litter box when I noticed the field next to our fence was more visible than usual. I turned around and there was this huge yellow moon.

If you were ever unfortunate enough to have seen that terribly pretentious Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan movie, “Joe Versus the Volcano,” you might remember the scene where Hanks is awed by such a moon as he drifted at sea.

Which reminds me. It was a month ago when I wrote a silly poem about a pregnant moon. We were at the Algeria Campsite in the Cederberg Wilderness Area. Perhaps one day I’ll find time to write about that adventure. For the meantime a silly poem will have to do.

I can almost hear a prowling Meooooowww!

Pregnant Moon Reflection

I watched the moon lift herself,
a woman ripe
with twins.

Brimming with awesome fullness,
she heaved her burden of light
over the eastern mountains,
past sandstone peaks,
cubist dream of broken rocks,
deserted cities of the future.

Up she pushed herself
until the blue darkness
surrendered his realm.

The stars felt faint,
their grandeur diminished.

A hush fell upon the heavens
of my wife’s visit
to the clinic.