Daily Archives: 18/02/2009

Is a Convoy of Over 100 Vehicles Easy to Miss?

On Valentine’s Day a convoy of over 100 vehicles set off from the UK.  Destination: Gaza.  Here is something from Respect, one of the organizers:


In an extraordinary and unprecedented spectacle, 102 vehicles gathered in Hyde Park at noon on Saturday before setting off with aid supplies to Gaza. The convoy included 18 ambulances, a fire engine, a boat and two buses.

The convoy was given a rousing send off by veteran politician Tony Benn and by George Galloway who will be joining the convoy today.

The total aid on the convoy is estimated at over a million pounds. Last night they were given a civic reception in Bordeaux. Today they travel to a rally in San Sebastian before going on to a rock concert for Gaza in Madrid.

They will then cross to Morocco via Tarifa and then travel across North Africa through Algeria and Libya before entering Egypt. Many more supporters from Britain are travelling out to join the convoy in Cairo around 6th March. The convoy will then head on to Gaza.


Will mainstream media cover this at all?  Sounds like a party I would love.  I have never seen Europe or North Africa.  A road trip with a cause.  Not bad at all.

Now how will the Israeli spin doctors deal with this media headache?