Daily Archives: 15/07/2009

No Apologies

F1020003I know, I’ve been posting stuff from other people recently.  I have been a bit busy sending manuscripts and writing new poems.

I have more work to be published in a forthcoming issue of GUD (Greatest Uncommon Denominator) Magazine – perhaps by sheer perseverance.  I bombarded them with over thirty poems, if I remember correctly, and they have been very kind and patient with me throughout the editorial process.

This has encouraged me to try out other literary magazines.  It is a tough world out there, but somehow it seems easier to swallow rejection slips over the internet than through snail mail.   And so I forge on, sending these messages in fragile bottles.

Imagine me on a beach full of stranded bottles, each one with a poem.  I should go into the recycling business.

SECOND Viva Palestina aid convoy enters Gaza


The Viva Palestina humanitarian convoy enters the Gaza Strip, breaking the deadly Israeli blockade imposed on 1.5 million Palestinians for a second time.

The American aid convoy carrying hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of supplies for the people of Gaza crossed the Rafah border on Wednesday upon receiving permission from Cairo after a 10-day delay.

The 200 activists are allowed to stay in the coastal territory only for 24 hours, a Press TV correspondent reported.

Viva Palestina activists, all Americans, including Charles Barron, a New York City Councilman, say that they have been stranded on the Egyptian side of the Rafah crossing for about 10 days despite earlier arrangements.

The humanitarian aid convoy consisting of 50 vehicles is the second organized by British Member of Parliament and Press TV presenter George Galloway.