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The Eye of Mordor Seeks to Take Form on African Soil: AFRICOM


The grand tour of Africa that Mrs Clinton is conducting cannot be dissociated from the plan to make AFRICOM a little more enticing.  Someone who wears a high-heeled shoe can still carry a submachine gun.  For sale or just for show?

“We’re the good guys.  Trust us.  We’re telling you the truth.  This time.”


from a 2007 article in The Nation:

Policy-makers seem to have forgotten the legacy of US intervention in Africa. During the cold war, African nations were used as pawns in postcolonial proxy wars, an experience that had a devastating impact on African democracy, peace and development. In the past Washington has aided reactionary African factions that have carried out atrocities against civilians. An increased US military presence in Africa will likely follow this pattern of extracting resources while aiding factions in some of their bloodiest conflicts, thus further destabilizing the region.


Dear Mrs Clinton, save your breath.  Africa does not need more killing machines.  That goes for the rest of the world.

I could be wrong in all this, of course.  Maybe she’s just here to share some naughty secrets.  Bedtime stories perhaps?