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Off the Beaten Track: Poems from Tulaan sa Tren 2

Want a free PDF copy of a unique poetry collection?

Here is the link to OFF THE BEATEN TRACK: Poems from Tulaan sa Tren 2.  The file is 3.5 megs. If you just want to read a few of the poems without downloading the whole file, you can follow THIS LINK which should lead you to the first few lines of my poem.  The anthology was edited by Gémino H. Abad, Bienvenido L. Lumbera, and Alfred A. Yuson.

🙂  Enjoy!

Gaza Siege Broken a Third Time

I meant to post this one the other day, and meanwhile other things have happened.

Watch the video from The Guardian.


Upon returning to Egypt, British MP George Galloway was immediately deported to London.  What is Egypt really playing at here?

Here is the link to the BBC report on that turn of events.

One wonders where Egyptian authorities are getting their orders from.