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Hallmark Love

Hallmark Love
version 2

The bishops are talking
down from the top of the pulp,
declaring war
on common human urges.

They say half-babies must never be trapped
in balloons. That women have dominion
over their bodies, but less
than God, priest, husband, rapist.

Dear men of the cloak,
what dagger lies under those
flowing fabrics, what skeletons
rattle behind your pulpit?

Blessing for empires,
allegiance to the Third Reich,
cover for the paedophile,
and now, seller

Of Hallmark cards.
Happy Valentine, dear bishops,
as you wield your scepters
so mighty and high. For all we know

You’ve never fed a baby
with your nipples
so dry. Go ahead,



this is an early draft… hoping to fix it up some more later