Daily Archives: 04/03/2011

39 Strikes

Not as bothersome as what’s been happening in North Africa, but caught my ears as I was driving with the radio on, was a news item on the number of deaths caused by lightning in the Eastern Cape. 39 so far this year.

Quick Google search says Brazil (as of 2002) has the highest in the world at 100.  Well the Eastern Cape is doing a good job at challenging that right now.

Why the fascination?  Here goes… Alice, the amazing woman who took on the daunting task of helping new parents (me and my wife) take care of newborn twins, told me stories of mysterious deaths by people she knows.  Apparently lightning is one weapon someone with magical powers uses to inflict vengeance on an enemy – or so they believe.

Hmm. Enough blabber. Just throwing some thoughts around.

Here’s a LINK TO PHOTOS of lightning strikes in South Africa.  No, no mangled, burnt bodies.


Oh, bit of news.  My sample pages of my new books are now available for free browsing at Sribd.com — just type Jim Pascual Agustin — and they should come up.  🙂  enjoy.  And hopefully one day buy when they become available online at Avalon.ph.  I’ll keep you guys posted.  Thanks.