Daily Archives: 08/03/2011

Multiple Vehicle Crash Too Close to Home

Drove past a major car crash today. A bus loaded with people, a car, and a big vehicle… SUV? is that what you call them petrol guzzlers? The bus crashed and tore through the metal railing on the side of the N1 highway but the passengers escaped unharmed. There was a smashed up windscreen lying on the side of the railing. It had come right off the car which was now facing the direction of oncoming traffic – my direction. The man in the car had one bloody arm – broken, by the looks of it, hanging limp out the window – and his face was a mess. Paramedics were talking to him to keep him awake. His car was a total wreck at the front, metal probably wrapped around his legs. The big van was lying on its side, no visible passengers. It was not even 9 in the morning.

Tomorrow I have a long drive to take my kids to their school camp.

Five hours later update… a massive crane still trying to pull the bus up from the side of the highway.

Six hours later, news from someone who saw the same accident after I drove past. He saw the man being covered up on the ground. The poor guy didn’t make it.