National Bookstore chain will soon have my books on display

I just got news from my publisher that both my books – Alien to Any Skin and Baha-bahagdang Karupukan – will soon be available at the behemoth retailer National Bookstore (in the Philippines they are far too easy to bump into). The titles won’t come up in their website’s search box I bet, but I’ve been told you can start phoning their branches to add some pressure in putting the books on display.

I remember when my first book came out – it was a back to back edition with another poet’s collection (ouch!). Whenever I went into a National Bookstore outlet that had it I would go over and flip the book so that my side would be visible.  🙂  Naughty me.  And the “hidden” employee (a paid character who pretends to be a customer just to keep an eye on shoplifters) would come over and look at me funny, until I told him I was the author and he smiled and left me to my petty devices.

Here’s the cover of that book which, if you search on, you will find to be on sale as a collector’s item at a staggering price.

About matangmanok

Jim Pascual Agustin writes and translates poetry. Sometimes he tries his hand at essays and stories. His latest book is BLOODRED DRAGONFLIES, published by Deep South in South Africa. Check out the official blog page for Bloodred Dragonflies. In 2011 the University of Santo Tomas Publishing House in Manila released BAHA-BAHAGDANG KARUPUKAN (poems in Filipino) and ALIEN TO ANY SKIN (poems in English). The same publisher released his most recent poetry collections SOUND BEFORE WATER and KALMOT NG PUSA SA TAGILIRAN. In 2015 a new poetry collection in English, A THOUSAND EYES was released. His first collection of short stories in Filipino, SANGA SA BASANG LUPA, was released in 2016. UK publisher The Onslaught Press launches his poetry collection, WINGS OF SMOKE, worldwide in February 2017. San Anselmo Publications released HOW TO MAKE A SALAGUBANG HELICOPTER & OTHER POEMS in 2019 followed by CROCODILES IN BELFAST & OTHER POEMS in 2020 - both books can be purchased through their Facebook page. View all posts by matangmanok

3 responses to “National Bookstore chain will soon have my books on display

  • Michael

    Love the story about flipping the book around. Great stuff! Wonder if the other author was doing the same thing after you left?

    • matangmanok

      Hi Michael! I don’t think so. He’s a more popular writer than me. Didn’t need to do such petty things. 🙂

  • arnel gutierrez

    I want also my books will soon have a display at “National Bookstore chain” but its not a story book, its a puzzle books name MATHALAS math cross puzzle. i just want to congratulate you about that, good luck…

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