Bavarian Bovine Prisonbreak

I’ve been skipping watching the news on TV for the recent while.  It gets depressing to see the same players playing the same games. Showing off new improved versions of toys of destruction – drone planes expo in Washington anyone? – or the barely modified economic/policing ploys to break the legs of street unrest (duh, mixed metaphors?).  Sorry, coffee hasn’t kicked in.

Then last night, tuned in to Aljazeera, I literally fell off my chair with a news item straight out of THE FAR SIDE.

Here’s a snippet from an online source:


A “cow whisperer,” helicopters and infrared cameras: no effort is being spared to find Austrian runaway cow Yvonne, who escaped slaughter in May to seek refuge in a Bavarian forest.

The cow has become a media star in Germany and Austria, having evaded capture for almost three months, with Germany’s leading newspaper, Bild, putting up a 10,000 euro ($13,892) reward for her capture earlier this week.

But an Austrian animal sanctuary, which has offered to buy Yvonne to spare her another traumatic trip to the slaughterhouse, is resorting to more unusual means to find the timid animal.

A “cow whisperer” has been communicating with Yvonne every day by telepathy, Britta Freitag from the Aiderbichl sanctuary near Salzburg told the Austria Press Agency overnight.


Some folks need to see the continent where I currently live. We have signs on the highway: BEWARE – COWS CROSSING.  Europe is so behind. (hysterical laughter unleashed once again)

I started a poem cycle about this, can’t share any until I wipe my tears dry.

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