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Making Dragons Out of Ready to Roll White Icing

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This is the first time I tried to make something out of ready to roll white icing. Dragons for one of the birthday cakes for our twins! My wife makes amazing cakes every year. She deserves her own website for her creations. My work is just a sideshow. I made climbers for a mountain she had made for the same birthday – we have twins – but for the dragon cake we had the cake made and printed with an image of a dragon. I just did the props. Here are some photos of my first attempt.

Those Who Cannot Look at Mirrors will Seek Hammers

My country of birth remembers the declaration of Martial Law 40 years ago today. Actually it was signed into law on 11 September 1972 – if I remember my history books right – but was only declared on the 21st.

Recently a new law was signed by the current president. It comes close to an Orwellian vision. Here’s a link to an article from Rappler:

CYBERCRIME LAW gives idiots in power a way to deal with any form of opposition.

TPP – ever heard of it?


Apparently it’s something like the Death Star. Need I say more?

Follow the links and find out for yourself: