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Ormoc Sunset. 24 March 1992

Ormoc Sunset. 24 March 1992

It’s interesting what comes surfacing from your past when you do something you’ve been meaning to do (or hearing people beg you to do)… such as clearing up what’s supposed to be an office and not a dumping ground. So here’s one. I never grew up with pastels. I had cheap crayons – mostly broken pieces, though not exactly hand-me-downs. This pastel on a Corona sketch pad 9″x12″ endured my silly stuff. But hey, this one has lasted this long, maybe it’s meant to be seen by other eyes. haha. Yeah right.

In Hibernation

I wish. But it isn’t possible. Just because one wants to hide in some dark corner and be undisturbed for a while doesn’t mean the rest of the world will actually leave you alone. 

To the readers of this blog, I assure you that I will be back soon – even make up for missing the chance to complete the 14 love poems I tried to post last month. 

A good nudge is what I need to get back into the groove of blogging.