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A poem that took years

It used to take me a few minutes to write a poem. More recently I find myself going back to a poem from many years ago and reworking it until I find a point of satisfaction… or is that exhaustion? The monthly poetry contest at Goodreads.com has picked my work a number of times, one of them even won (AUDIO RECORDING LINK).

This month I entered something which I started writing in December 2010 but just “finished” a few weeks ago. It is post 296 near the end of page 6 on THIS LINK. Apparently it has a “local” flavor… meaning what, I wonder. hahaha. I appreciate any feedback or critique – as always. Maybe it needs more mending.


Port Jackson willow. photo from wikipedia.org

My poem is called End of 2010: Another Science Fiction Year has Come and Gone

How to Orchestrate Madness

When violence is the only way to stay in power, it reflects utter weakness.

More disturbing news regarding Egypt, Israel and Gaza.