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Has anyone ever died of subtlety?

Just a ramble. What language do they use in Israeli courts when dealing with Palestinian issues?

THIS NEWS ITEM is like something out of The Far Side. Sooooo subtle, the IDF.

Legal language can be a minefield for those outside of the legal profession. Here’s the beginning of an ignorant’s ramble… feel free to enlighten me.

I grew up in a country with many islands that had various cultural groups, some with their own languages or dialects. The language that lawyers used in court was English. Language was a way to isolate those who are not “equipped” to deal with legal matters. It remains the same today, as far as I know.

My country of birth is celebrating “Buwan ng Wika” – literally, “Language Month.” It isn’t declared as “Filipino Language Month” for it’s meant to celebrate all the different languages and dialects of the country – except the dominant official language, English. There are so many questions I’m eager to ask, now that I am halfway across the globe and more often using the colonial language. Where do I even start?