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Editor Eileen R. Tabios included one of my poems from Sound Before Water in the anthology VERSES TYPHOON YOLANDA. The anthology is for a worthy cause so I urge readers of poetry to consider supporting this effort.

New Coin Poetry on Facebook posts a poem of mine

New Coin Poetry, published twice a year is one publication worth supporting. Get your local library to subscribe to this South African institution. Better than the trashy magazines. And I’m not just saying this because they’ve accepted my poetry. 🙂

“People Who Live with Lions” is one of the poems also included in a forthcoming anthology of contemporary South African poetry edited by Denis Hirson, following a similar anthology he put together in French. It is now in a manuscript called SKY FOR SILENT WINGS which I hope to submit to a publisher soon. The lion sketch is by one of my daughters. 🙂  I can’t draw.

cropped Copy of DSCF6731



I have seen days when the wind weighs
so heavy on trees, they bend close

to breaking. A limb with the greenest leaves
or weakened by age would have to give in.

The trunk may have to learn a new angle
sunward. What is less apparent is the path

the wind must make. It has to unravel,
splitting itself into countless strands

to navigate between each leaf, each branch.
We take turns being one or the other.


this poem is for Margie

Protected: Poems I might read at OFF THE WALL POETRY, 10 February 2014 (please send me a note to get the password)

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The announcement I nearly missed

It turns out that yesterday’s Cape Times where Karin Schimke reviewed my book, Sound Before Water, had a small announcement in their “Diary” section. I nearly missed it, then nearly choked when I was shown it:

Off the Wall Poetry announcement Copy of DSCF6716

I haven’t come up with a list yet of poems to read. I plan to mix old and new, perhaps even some translations. Or I could play with a theme, music or music-related. I might post some of the poems here if I have the time. Otherwise, please hope I don’t bore the audience into trying to drown themselves in the nearest wineglass.

If the audience survives, or even likes my work, they might have a chance to buy the handful of copies of SOUND BEFORE WATER that I plan to bring with me.

Finally, SOUND BEFORE WATER gets reviews

I am sure my dear publisher will be glad to know that there are keen readers out there for my work, both in my country of birth and perhaps in other parts of the world. I hope they hasten to put out digital versions of my books. You, my dear readers, can perhaps help by sending a friendly message to UST Publishing House via their Facebook page.

Two reviews of Sound Before Water came out. The first one, written by Rina Angela Corpus, is available online at GMA News. Today, in the Cape Times, literary editor Karin Schimke wrote this: