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Review: A Place of Myth and Wonder

I should start writing book reviews again. If you have a book of poetry or know of someone who would like his/hers reviewed – I shall try to give a fair reading and feedback at the very least, if not a proper review. Bit tight with time at the moment.

Kalatas: Philippine Literature, Culture, and Ideas

by Jim Pascual Agustin

"Dalawang Pulgada at Tubig" by Emmanuel Q. Velasco (UST Publishing House, 2011)  “Dalawang Pulgada at Tubig”
by Emmanuel Q. Velasco
(UST Publishing House, 2011)

There are poets who take a lifetime to find a voice of their own. They begin as no more than mimics of others they have read or were taught to admire. Young poets tend to be snagged by rhymes or too much philosophy. Some get caught up in an eternal spiral of personal demons and whimsical indulgences. Often it takes them many years to find a unique way of seeing things, of expressing particular emotions, of capturing that elusive moment, that they can claim as truly theirs alone.

Many will either give up writing altogether or continue to delude themselves that they have indeed perfected their craft. Some will persevere through the years and, perhaps with luck, find a voice that may not stand out but is nonetheless worth hearing.
And then there are…

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