Daily Archives: 19/01/2017

What to do when you get a rejection letter

There have been many articles written about how now-famous authors received not just dozens, but hundreds (or thousands, even!) of rejection letters. I got one yesterday and actually felt good about it. Really. Here it is:


Thank you for submitting your manuscript, and for your patience during the assessment period. Unfortunately, we cannot offer to publish your manuscript.

There is much to commend in your novel, and your writing is not without merit. However, as a small publishing imprint, we only manage to publish twelve to fifteen titles per year and consequently stay close to our mandate. Regrettably, your manuscript does not meet these criteria and therefore does not suit our publication lists, at present.

Once again, thank you for your submission. We wish you all the best with your writing endeavours.


It’s truly funny. Because I haven’t written a novel my whole life. I submitted a poetry manuscript. Gatekeepers don’t have to be literate, it seems. I had my laugh, now to send the manuscript off elsewhere. That’s how it spins.