Daily Archives: 10/09/2022

Even Dictators have Birthdays

They were once loved as babies, if only by their own mothers or whoever hoped they would be honourable human beings one day.

And no matter how much they abuse the people they pretend to serve, their reign eventually comes to an end. For all dictators die.

Even their families who take over whatever dictators leave behind will also one day die. None of them can forever possess the riches they’ve claimed throughout their lives.

Try as they may, they cannot change the facts of history. They can twist it briefly with the money they stole while they can still breathe. But more will remember the evil deeds they have committed.

Ferdinand E. Marcos was a plunderer and human rights violator. To this day his family continues to benefit from his decades of theft and abuse.

May justice be served on you wherever you are, Marcos. We can never celebrate your birthday. Your sick legacy did not end with your death. We shall never forget.