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First Day of 2011 Nearly Over

So what was the highlight of this day?  Hours spent at the only pharmacy that was open today after 5pm to get a prescription sorted out for my daughter who was stung by an insect in the garden.  She has a history of allergic reactions, and not knowing what stung her added an interesting level of guesswork for the young doctor who saw her at the emergency ward.  Apparently the young doctor has had a full day of treating patients with various types of insect stings.  It must have been a busy time for critters of all sorts today after the unexpected downpour – thunder and summer rain on New Year’s Day!

Now just reading up on a few bits of news before midnight strikes and then this one hit me:  ISRAELI FORCES KILL FEMALE PROTESTER IN BIL’IN

Watch Palestinians protest against the APARTHEID WALL here.

How does one’s minuscule life compare to such tragedy?