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Launch Notice: In the Heat of Shadows

In the Heat of Shadows


Click this LINK for full details of the launch notice

invitation to cape town

A poem from one of the forthcoming collections featured on THE TOUCAN ONLINE

Sound Before Water (University of Santo Tomas Publishing House, Manila 2013) is creeping its way to the printers, but here’s a poem that The Toucan Online picked up. It’s a fairly old poem, written in the early 90s when I was still in Manila (probably still as a university student). It isn’t autobiographical. haha. I never thought much of this when I wrote it, and so it never ended up in any of the previous collections. But my online critique group, The Boathouse, thought it was worth being read and published. Or is that published and read? Well for me being read alone is big enough. So thank you to my Boathouse friends. And thank you to Laura of Toucan for agreeing with them.

Here’s the link to THE TOUCAN ONLINE.

fire and sun

(can’t remember if I posted this pic before… I need some coffee. haha)

Oh, yes I mustn’t forget to mention the other book that’s due to be released at the same time as Sound Before WaterKalmot ng Pusa sa Tagiliran which roughly translates “Cat Scratch on the Side.” I dream of the day when all my books will be available in the two languages I currently speak. Luckily my Spanish never got past beginner’s, and my French never got past “moi?” My Afrikaans is limited to rough street cursing only. But I’ve nearly perfected Gollumspeak.