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“Operation Cast Lead” is not the Title of a Movie

“Operation Cast Lead” is not the Title of a Movie

After a night of gasping
at fireworks
I nurse the consequences
of champagne.

Somewhere else they are remembering
smoke that takes forever
to clear, the ringing in the ears,
the smell of burnt flesh
among personal belongings.



Dance on the Bloodfloor

I know, silly title. Only makes sense to those who know the not-so-successful album by the late (or in hiding?) Michael Jackson.

Following is a quote from Haaretz.com

Today it is more shameful to be an Israeli because the world, as opposed to Israelis, saw the scenes. It saw thousands of dead and injured taken in the trunks of cars to something between a clinic and a primitive hospital in an imprisoned and weakened region one hour from flourishing Tel Aviv, a region where the helpless had nowhere to run from Israel’s arsenal. The world saw schools, hospitals, flour mills and small factories mercilessly bombed and blown up. It saw clouds of white-sulphur bombs billowing over population centers, and it saw burned children.


Nice having other dance partners like Egypt and the US in prolonging the siege on Gaza. Viva Palestina 3, the convoy originally started by British MP George Galloway, has been refused entry into Egypt and its members have gone on hunger strike. Turkey has stepped up in support of the international move to break the siege.