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Another State of the Nation Address (SONA) from Zuma will need some imagination


photo from the Twitter account of ENCA

So, another year, another chance for Zuma to hypnotize us into submission. This year is likely to be the same as the past few years. With a few slightly different details such as the presence of 441 members (odd number, that) of the South African National Defense Force being deployed at Parliament in Cape Town, along with the restrictions on press movement (they get their own pen – perhaps without a pig, hopefully with ink) while covering the expected pomp (include all the negative things that word might conjure) and… yawning.

We poor citizens will have to use our rich imagination to entertain ourselves while being tortured and shown the prospect for another grim year under this man who has nearly 800 counts of corruption charges the National Prosecuting Authority should file but just won’t.

Here’s a suggestion. That photo. That hand behind Zuma. Imagine those fingers folding two while holding the middle one straight. Raise that hand. Aim at Zuma’s bald head. Then make him turn his head to that middle finger.

Feel a little better? Now aside from this exercise, get to work. Prove to him this country can be better without him sitting and laughing at us as if we were all fools.

My shortlisted poem for the 2015 Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Award

The three poems shorlisted for the 2015 Sol Plaatje European Union Poetry Award are now up at BooksLIVE. My poem, though, does not appear as it should be. So I am posting it here as a PDF for interested readers. I first read the poem a few months ago in front of a small but warm audience in Observatory, Cape Town when I was invited at OFF THE WALL by Hugh Hodge.

Click the following link to read my poem as it should look:

Baleka, What do You Know of Tenders and Thieves, Or Cockroaches for that Matter?

Kangaroos with Swords

Kangaroos wielding swords jumped all over the stage as the South African National Prosecuting Authority presented the nation with bits of gossip with the odd expletive (“f**kings”) in the form of questionable recordings.  This hour-long scripted show was the culmination of weeks of primping and pimping through the press, leaks of sorts, but more akin to what one might do to a piece of meat before being shoved in the fire.  I have never tasted kangaroo meat.


This Zapiro cartoon was printed days before the NPA circus commenced.

zuma-slays-justiceThe funny thing is that during the media presentation, er.. circus show, the NPA repeatedly said that there was still a very strong case of fraud, money laundering, corruption, etc. against ANC President Zuma.  But apparently gossip trumps facts and evidence.   If the ANC can get its way just before the elections, what do you think they’ll do after?  Oh, wait, they have been doing this all along.  First task was getting rid of the Scorpions Unit, the high-level investigative force that was in pursuit of a lot of ANC members’ shady dealings.

Then the way had to be cleared for the rightful rising to power of a martyr.  Pretty sure there will be a song and dance routine practiced to perfection before a mob not that different from the one that chanted “Burn the Bitch!” outside the courts while a rape trial was underway.

Here is one opinion on the dropping of all corruption charges against Zuma.

And the text of the announcement – a show trial by any measure.