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Some Sad, Some Gud, and a Tangled Bank

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Random thoughts and news.

What happens when you go through a few days with little sleep. You get two hotdogs from the fridge, place them on a plate in front of the microwave, open the microwave door, slam it shut and turn the knob; the machine pings and you flip the door open to find nothing in there. Behold, the two hotdogs are still cold on the plate right before your eyes. Fleeting reminder of how my wife and I pretty much functioned in the first few months when our kids were born. Thus we vowed never again.


Today I got word of some sad news from my family back home.  My eldest sister’s husband, George, suffered a heart attack on Saturday and has been in intensive care since. I phoned my sister but I could hardly say anything to her. I felt useless. Her anguish tore right through the static on the line.


I bumped into a warm online review of the latest issue of GUD Magazine, Issue 4. The blog is called The Bowery Birds Press by John Washington. My poem “Ghosts of Sweaty Air” gets a favorable mention (yippeee!).  Here is the link to the review.


Over the weekend I received a welcome letter from an Australian publisher of an anthology called The Tangled Bank. My poem “Creatures of Lava Tubes” was accepted for inclusion. Before the letter came I had been receiving nothing but rejection slips.  Aaargh. Those and a lack of time to do some writing had driven me down muddy roads of the mind.

GUD Magazine Issue 4 Now Available as PDF

Issue 4 of GUD Magazine (Greatest Uncommon Denominator) is now available as a PDF if you can’t wait for the print edition.

The first review, from dogmatika.wordpress.com, mentions my poem “Ghosts of Sweaty Air”

UPDATE: I just found out there is a second review which also mentions my poem — Isaac Espriu’s Place!

GUD Magazine Issue 3

GUD Magazine Issue 3 published one of my poems, “Sa Bawat Digma” / “In Every War.”  Here is a link to Johann Carlisle’s review at Future Fire that mentions the poem.  The Fix reviewer Rochita Loenen-Ruiz also takes note of it.

It is a fantastic magazine – and I am not saying that because they accepted this particular poem and one other in a forthcoming issue.  GUD Magazine is a unique experiment in its print and digital formats.  You won’t regret getting hold of an issue.