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Poem for Palestinian Samer Issawi Who is on Hunger Strike to Draw Attention to Israel’s Human Rights Violations

Hunger Strike
for Samer Issawi
version 2

The stomach is not a beast to be caged
or tamed. It is no more than a sack
to be filled and emptied.

Those who clutch the keys
to your prison cell believe their fists
are not made of skin and bones,

that blood only flows
one direction.

With the world watching,
they are begging you now
to open your mouth and chew

what they can easily
take away.


Here is a link to one of the sites with some information on his struggle.

4,600 is not just a number

This article from the Middle East Monitor regarding the number of people from Palestine who are in Israeli prisons should bother anyone who cares about “human rights” – that phrase so easily thrown around.


The term “Administrative Detention” is something worth questioning, among other things.

There are a number of prisoners under “administrative detention” who have gone on a prolonged hunger strike. One of them was brought to court the other day, was kicked around by the guards, humiliated. A day or so later he was charged for hurting the guards and slapped with more offenses.