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Regarding “Sand Clings to My Toes, Daddy”

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The Dragon Machine by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson – a quick note

The Dragon MachineThe Dragon Machine by Helen Ward
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This magical book introduced me to the work of Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson. We got it originally from the library a number of times before we decided to look for a secondhand copy online. South Africa is not an easy place to find books.

The illustrations capture the solitude of George’s world, glimmers of colour among the mostly gray background. The burning curiosity of a child is the key to this beautiful tale worth reading over and over again.

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Eyes Shut, Pretending to Sleep


I could hear them, those sparrows
as they called to each other
outside my window. Their shadows
dancing on my eyelids, light
and dark.

A breeze finds the slenderest gaps,
reaches my skin. Morning gathers
momentum, bursts silently
upon the ledge. I sense it
like the small hand

Of my daughter
just before she draws
wobbly circles on the soles
of my feet.
Then giggles.


This poem also appears in another website where it is languishing.