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Do Not Play With Our Organs!

Back in high school I was walking around a shopping mall with a classmate – no, we were not bunking school at that time – when my friend saw this sign on a musical instrument from one of the shops: Do Not Play With Our Organs!  I am sure the shop owner didn’t appreciate our wild laughter.

Now on to something straight out of a horror movie:  stealing human body parts!

Read the Jerusalem Post article and this link to the original article from Swedish paper Aflonbladet.  Copy and paste the Swedish text into www.translate.google.com and you can have an idea of the article’s content.  Related links are also found here.


ps – the mall back home was called “Ali Mall” and was then owned by Muhammad Ali, or so I remember being told.  🙂  these random thoughts will eventually work their way into your nightmares.

ps2 (not the game console) – the following videos are courtesy of a new friend to matangmanok, morris.  thanks morris!