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Scars 1

Something I wrote over ten years ago got a very good friend’s brain cells going.  It was a short poem called “The Scar Examined at Midnight.”  The friend has this secret identity – like super heroes, yes! – and he has decided to call himself John Ecko.  He writes amazing poetry which he then constructs into stunning typographic images – concrete poetry is the common term, but John prefers visual poetry.  His Eckovision site is tons of fun and I highly recommend visiting it.

Ooops, forgot what I was going to say.   John made a very clever visual poetry interpretation of the poem of mine and has posted it on his site.

Here is the LINK.   Click on the poem to get the jpeg version which you can then read in an enlarged version.

Thanks a million John Ecko!!!!!

A bit of trivia.  I typed up eckovision and it turns out there was a cool tv some decades back with the same name.

I wouldn’t mind having that.  I miss black and white television.

Signs of Life by John Ecko

A good friend I’ve met over the internet, John Ecko, recently released his first book of poetry, Signs of Life.  I have read – or should I say seen –  his clever and engaging poetry at the poetry discussion threads of Helium.

One day I hope to come up with a review of his work and post it here.  For the meantime I invite you to get a glimpse of his amazing work at Eckovision.