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Rent a Horror Movie

after watching Jon Snow’s “Unseen Gaza”

We know the science
of decent programming.
Our eyes detect the borders
of the mind, what horror
must not be allowed
to reach its shores,
what anatomical details
need to be blurred,

Take for example the body
of a baby retrieved
in a bombing lull
after the passing of a tank.
It is not necessary to reveal
the missing lower extremities
or the lifeless nodding
head, charred.

It is enough to show
a shroud
like a newly washed curtain
folded into its own whiteness.
There goes a man,
nameless as the dead.
See how he walks
so very slowly
with the bundle.
Much more pleasing
to the careful eye.

Cut.  Cut.  Cut.

Reality altered
in selected frames
can lead
to complete

So if you want blood and gore,
go to your corner
video store.

Here is a link to the documentary Unseen Gaza

Trapped Guinea Fowl Chicks

Tonight I found two guinea fowl chicks stuck behind a wired fence.  All the adult guinea fowl had gone off to roost noisily at a distant tree, sounding off the most frantic calls they could muster.  They seem to have abandoned the two to their fate.  Or so I thought.  I tried grabbing those chicks to get them out, but they were too quick and too afraid of human hands.  It was getting darker and darker and soon other creatures would prey on them.

I ran to fetch a pair of wire cutters and when I got back I noticed one adult guinea fowl standing on the other side of the fence.  It was mimicking the sounds the chicks were making.  At this point I could see one chick close by, the other one I could no longer hear.  I cut a hole close to the ground, about the size of the chick.  It wasn’t difficult to scare the chick towards the gap and once if was free it quickly ran in the direction of the adult.

Then they disappeared into the tall grass until their chirping was swallowed by frantic cries from the distant tree.

The other night I saw Jon Snow’s “Unseen Gaza.”  In it, as expected, were horrible scenes resulting from the Israeli bombardment of an unarmed population.  The worst footage was that of a four-month-old baby, with her lower parts missing.  An Israeli tank had apparently run over her charred body.  She looked like a broken doll that had been salvaged from a furnace.

It is February 2009.  Can you hear the wailing?