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Another poem from SOUND BEFORE WATER on Palestine


Remembering Israeli atrocities from a few years ago, here’s my poem from SOUND BEFORE WATER

JK Rowling, please read this. One day if not today.

I have never been to Israel or Palestine. One day I would like to meet people who live side by side there. Look into their eyes. See where they live. How they live. Greet their children. Touch the walls of their homes. Walk the path they take to get to work or school. Share a meal with them. Maybe share a poem or two. They can tell me how I got the details wrong, laugh with them at my mistakes. One day.

I began this blog when I had nowhere to express what I felt upon seeing photographs of what was happening in Gaza. That was many years ago. Many things have changed with my little blog, with my own life and the rest of the world. But Gaza remains in darkness.

Today I read an OPEN LETTER addressed to you. I decided to share it here, just to help amplify it. I realize you may never read it through my blog. But maybe you will. Who knows?

Good news will come later

I have some great news, actually. But I’ll have to write about that later. This bit of troubling video with the proper accompanying article has to be shared first.

Israeli soldier becomes overnight hero for pointing loaded gun at Palestinian youths

First Day of 2011 Nearly Over

So what was the highlight of this day?  Hours spent at the only pharmacy that was open today after 5pm to get a prescription sorted out for my daughter who was stung by an insect in the garden.  She has a history of allergic reactions, and not knowing what stung her added an interesting level of guesswork for the young doctor who saw her at the emergency ward.  Apparently the young doctor has had a full day of treating patients with various types of insect stings.  It must have been a busy time for critters of all sorts today after the unexpected downpour – thunder and summer rain on New Year’s Day!

Now just reading up on a few bits of news before midnight strikes and then this one hit me:  ISRAELI FORCES KILL FEMALE PROTESTER IN BIL’IN

Watch Palestinians protest against the APARTHEID WALL here.

How does one’s minuscule life compare to such tragedy?

Ctrl Alt Shift Film Competition Winner : “No Way Through”

Look at Me, Look at Me! I am Fabulously Kind and Generous!

The tragedy in Haiti will slowly be eased out of the news to make room for other newsmakers, say like Israel.  Magicians abound, it seems, even in such dark circumstances.  Or so says this article from The Telegraph:


Israel builds a field hospital in Haiti. Anti-Zionists not fooled!
by Stephanie Guttman

Clever people the Jews… oops, I mean the Israelis. Look at the lengths to which they have gone to distract the world from their daily ethnic cleansing of Palestinians. The latest trick is an Israeli field hospital, rushed into Haiti last Friday and erected in a soccer field.

The US, with all its resources, hasn’t yet managed to set up a field hospital in Haiti (undoubtedly the State Department is still drafting the crucial legal papers needed) but the Israelis, operating with their usual disregard to the niceties of law, slapped one up and have already delivered a baby there. The father, obviously paid off by the Mossad, rapturously declared that the baby would be named “Israel”.

According to Israeli government sources the hospital includes 10 tons of medical equipment, 40 doctors, 24 nurses, medics, paramedics, x-ray equipment and personnel, a pharmacy, an emergency room, two surgery rooms, an incubation ward, a children’s ward and a maternity ward.

Information from Israeli government sources should, of course, be taken with a grain of salt, but footage of this tent-city/hospital has now been seen on SKY, Fox and CNN, ABC and CBS and the video seems to confirm (Mossad video fabricators are tricky) at least that the facility is large, clean, and full of modern equipment. CBS’s piece called the hospital the “Rolls Royce of medicine in Haiti”.

Thankfully, the BBC has kept its head and is not colluding with the Israeli government’s attempt to make the world forget its sins.  However, that has not stopped Jewish…er…Zionist propagandists, who are already triumphantly calling the field hospital “Israel’s Disproportionate response”, a reference to the charge last year that Israel reacted to Hamas rocket fire with “disproportionate” military force.  The word “disproportionate” in this case refers to the fact that this country of 7.5 million has sent 220 people, compared to say, China, which as of last week had sent 60.

Read the rest of the article.