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Four Filipino poems of mine which I translated to English have been published in the most recent issue of Modern Poetry in Translation: The Dialect of the Tribe (Issue 3 Number 16). One of the poems, “Galing Ingglatera” / “From England,” appears in Baha-bahagdang Karupukan (UST Publishing House 2011). Two poems are from previous books. “Aso sa Tabi” / “Pet” is from Beneath an Angry Star (Anvil 1992) and “Siglo” / “Century” from Salimbayan (Publikasyong Sipat 1994) while the last one, “Ngayong Gabi” / “This Evening” has never seen print.

I am looking forward to receiving my copy of this amazing anthology in the post. Perhaps I’ve found a new audience for my work? 🙂

Here is a snippet from the issue’s editorial:

A language must evolve or die, all its speakers may contribute to its life. And every speaking voice of a language is unique, every person’s speech is an ideolect, every poet’s language is as distinguishable as his or her DNA. Translating a poem, you mix your own voice with the poet’s. Thus doubly flighted, poems pass over the frontiers like seeds.

Ghosts of a Wound

Birthday LettersBirthday Letters by Ted Hughes
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I have the 1999 paperback edition from Faber of this book, in a rather unattractive blue with text in gray and red. Whatever Plath defenders may say (or stab with), this is a moving and painful collection that is worth reading over and over. Here Hughes dresses a wound that refuses to heal.

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The Iron Giant Crushes Disney / Pagdurog ng Iron Giant sa Disney

The Iron Giant film by Brad Bird based on the book by Ted Hughes

The Iron Giant Crushes Disney

Our children have questions
that cannot be answered
by a Disney song
and dance sequence.

What is a bomb?

At five, both of them
will not be silenced
by lies, we know that.
So we struggle to tell them.

What does it do?

And a disturbing silence
settles in their eyes
for a while.

They watch the missile in the distance
the threat of an end
to every thing and every one living
in that small town.

Why do people use it?

They understand the Iron Giant chooses
not to be a gun,
but to be
a shield from destruction.


One day they will have another question,
I hope,
about the absence
of Iron Giants in this world.

But why?


Pagdurog ng Iron Giant sa Disney

May mga tanong ang aming mga anak
na hindi masasagot
ng mabulaklak na awit
at sayaw mula sa Disney.

Ano ang bomba?

Lilimang taon, pareho silang
hindi mapapatahimik
ng kasinungalingan, alam namin iyan.
Kaya mapipilitan kaming ipaliwanag sa kanila.

Ano ang ginagawa nito?

At may nakababagabag na katahimikang
lulukob sa kanilang mga mata
sa ilang sandali.

Papanoorin nila ang missile sa kalayuan
ang pangamba ng wakas
sa bawat bagay at bawat nilalang na nananahanan
sa bayan na iyong kay liit.


Isang araw may isa na naman silang tanong,
umaasa ako,
tungkol sa kawalan
ng mga Iron Giant sa mundo.

Pero bakit?