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“Aral sa Wika / Lesson in Language” on YouTube.com

This poem opens the first section of my poetry book Baha-bahagdang Karupukan.  Be warned, you might get a bit of a fright watching and listening to this video.

Was the Global Wake-Up Call too Festive?

Looks like great fun wasn’t it?

Initially it felt good taking part in this activity — but will this make a difference?  What about a targeted boycott of major products and industries that are major pollutants?  Are we willing to take a walk for a day?  Campaign for cleaner airplane fuels?  Dismantle the military industry?  Wait, how is that relevant?  You can’t put aside the War on  Terror (or was it War and Plunder?) just because of climate change.   Forgive the babbling.

Remembering Nina Simone


February 21, 1933 – April 21, 2003

Strange how someone you’ve never met can break all borders and defences.  All you have to do is listen.  One day I will write something about never meeting Nina Simone.