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How to be a Ghost

A piece of mine has been included in an anthology to be launched on 31 January 2015 in Manila. The book is called FAST FOOD FICTION DELIVERY. The piece also forms part of an unpublished manuscript.
I’ve posted an MP3 file of my reading, since I won’t be able to attend the launch. My teleporter is far from reliable – the last time I tried to use it I ended up in a cupboard of a next door neighbour with vicious dogs. 😛


Applied Physics

Our Own Voice has once again published one of my poems. This one, Applied Physics, is included in my forthcoming poetry collection, A THOUSAND EYES (due for release June 2015 from UST Publishing House). Thank you to the editors and poet Luisa Igloria.

cover peek

Here is the LINK to the poem as it appears on Our Own Voice.

Here is a LINK to my silly soundcloud recording of it.



I started this post in January, then forgot all about it. I hope I have not duplicated another entry.

an untitled pretend-haiku

Its wings touched by dawn,
a firefly still against glass.
Too late for cupped hands.


I’ve been silent for quite a while, trying to deal with many things both happy and sad. The world continues to spin in its mad axis, and apparent evil on the seesaw with the seeming good. So here’s another day. We try. Again.

EDIT… this pretend-haiku came up after reading a good friend on had posted on a discussion board. HERE IS THE LINK to that page. Maraming salamat, Ryan.

Lina Khattab and 5 court dates later

This is what fighting for human dignity means.

Lina Khattab and 5 court dates later.