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Coffee for Children

I don’t give coffee to my kids. But some kids are lucky to have even just that for the day. Here is a good cause that is worth supporting. If you are in a position to make a donation to KA ESKWELA, please seriously consider doing so.


hunger in catanduanes


photo from The Houseboat

The Houseboat published a few of my attempts at writing haiku. Rather than posting them here, I urge you to follow THIS LINK.

I Forgot to Blow My Horn, Stupid Coral Reef Didn’t Get Out of My Way

I Forgot to Blow My Horn, Stupid Coral Reef Didn’t Get Out of My Way

This is how to treat your allies… ALL LIES.

Those painful moments in history come rushing back. How blind we were, and how blind we remain. They continue to use us in many ways, delivering death to the innocent, to anyone who gets in the way. Any story will do. They get what they want, pay you with your own blood or the blood of those whose only fault was to have some valuable resource under their feet, in their waters, above their roofs.

In another narrative, not this one, there will be some kind of justice, if not an awakening. Or so we hope. We forge on in ways their countless weapons of destruction – mindless as their leaders – cannot comprehend.


Read the article from The Huffington Post

Just an afterthought… this is a good way to overstay in a territory that does not belong to the US. Replacement parts apparently need to be ordered from China. Hmmm… Parts made in China. Destruction designed in the US. Countless dead left in various locations both identified and unidentified.

What could they possibly do to while away the more than 90 days while doing “repairs”? How about an excursion here and there, with bombs perhaps?

“No, no, no, the US Military does not do anything to violate human rights anywhere in the world. We have a good track record. Just ask William Blum!”

Poem for Palestinian Samer Issawi Who is on Hunger Strike to Draw Attention to Israel’s Human Rights Violations

Hunger Strike
for Samer Issawi
version 2

The stomach is not a beast to be caged
or tamed. It is no more than a sack
to be filled and emptied.

Those who clutch the keys
to your prison cell believe their fists
are not made of skin and bones,

that blood only flows
one direction.

With the world watching,
they are begging you now
to open your mouth and chew

what they can easily
take away.


Here is a link to one of the sites with some information on his struggle.