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More Wig than Human – a draft


Images from Inquirer.net and Wikipedia


More Wig than Human

“The criminals, the drug lords, drug pushers, they are not humanity. They are not humanity. In other words, how can that be when your war is only against those drug lords, drug addicts, drug pushers. You consider them humanity? I do not.”
                                                                    – Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre II

A certain creature first sucked
nourishment from nipples.
Natural or man-made, like his wig
now, does it really matter?

He’s so comfortable, he feels nothing
can budge him from his
temperature-controlled leather
seat. You can hear him snoring

through the thick door
that bears the title:
Secretary of Justice.
Far from where he lords,

ants are milling around
an injured fellow ant
as if they were trying
to help it get back

on its broken legs,
dragging it with great effort
to a place of shade, away
from further harm.




some readers don’t like the title. any suggestions? I also welcome all feedback. thank you in advance.